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Ebrochures ImageE-brochure

E-brochures are a powerful advertising tool in new era of marketing. It is an interactive brochure with which we can distribute the required information through internet or any other digital information media. Entire contents or even more contents than a printed brochure can be included in an E- brochure. It can be made more attractive than a printed one by giving excellent animations and music.

Projected features
  • It is cost effective than printed brochure and is highly interactive.
  • In developing an E-brochure, one time investment is required, that is, only the “developing charge”.
  • Multiple copies can be taken from the same file.
  • It can be distributed through Internet or CDs as per the requirement.
  • Considering price factor more data can be included in an E- brochure than printed one.
  • It is also possible to add photos, Illustrations, animated demonstrations, music etc into an E-brochure.
  • E-Brochure can be included in the website for download. Since the information is distributed through internet, your E-brochure will reach much more people than a printed one.
  • E-brochure can contain information about a firm, institution, a course, a package, a commencing programs or a product demonstration. For product demonstration with the help of animation, use of any product, its features, parts and technology can be explained in detail.

Corporate Presentation ImageCorporate Presentation

When we require large amount of information to be distributed, the CD presentation comes to play. It is possible to include Video files, Audio files, Narrations, Animated demonstrations etc. in a CD presentation. It is a complete digital brochure.

Projected features
  • It is possible to include Video files, Audio files, Narrations, Animated demonstrations. Etc. in a CD presentation.
  • It can include organizational structure Key personals & their profile, conducted programs with photographs, videos etc.
  • It’s content can be anything that has to be projected.
    • For Institutes -Facilities in detail | Photo gallery | About courses in detail | Lab facilities with photo or video | About the coaching (class Video /photos) | Functions conducted.
    • For Hotels & resorts - Facilities in detail | Photo Gallery | Services | Location & Contact details | Description about important places of interest.
    • For Builders -Builders or construction companies will be benefited by providing the walk through animations in the form of a CD presentation / a complete digital brochure.
  • Corporate Presentations are definitely an impressive way to present a company/Organization/Institution to a customer.
  • These Presentations CDs will have designed stickers & covers to make it more standard and impressive.
  • Reproduction of these Presentations CDs is cost effective and easier than printed ones.
  • These CD presentation / digital magazines will last longer than the printed magazine or brochure.

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